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Data Analysis

Online Web Ordering

An online web portal is available for customers to place orders. A prior history of the products most commonly ordered is available to assist in easier and faster order placement. The application communicates in real time with Vine Line Produce Distribution’s order entry system to retrieve products, special offers, pricing, and delivery date specifications. If product is out of stock or short, our online web order will advise the customer when the item is estimated for restock and provides a list of potential substitutes.

Mobile App Ordering

Our check out app for IOS and Android devices is easy to download and use. The application communicates in real time with our order entry system to retrieve products, special offers, pricing and delivery date specifications. Customers can set up a product profile to show commonly ordered products; making the order process faster and easier. Our shopping cart displays customers’ total dollar amount, products ordered, receiving date and receiving location.

Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)

EDI has become a critical tool in creating efficiencies for data processing throughout the fresh produce supply chain. Our information systems manage EDI and data transmissions to improve accuracy and efficiency in order processing, fulfillment and billing. In addition to unique proprietary applications, Vine Line Produce Distribution’s EDI systems are compatible with Zephyr and iTrade and we continue to add new applications each year.

Phone Orders

Our customer service representative (CSR) department is available to assist customers’ service issues and placing orders. For your convenience, CSRs place daily outbound calls to customers as reminders to place orders to ensure shipments arrive as needed. Our CSRs are available from 6am to 4pm EST Monday through Friday. Special hours are posted for holidays.

To place orders call (616) 452-2101 ex. 1